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The Connective Leadership Institute is a leadership development & research firm, devoted to enabling leaders to address the key challenges of a world where groups with divergent agendas must live and work interdependently.

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[Connective Leadership] "clearly demonstrates how leadership can be effective as situations vary; I feel better able to respond and adjust, building on and growing in my leadership capacity."

Luis Marquez of PUENTE Learning Center

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CLI Leadership Development
Advanced Training Seminar

January 12-13, 2015
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

Advanced Training Seminar (ATS) is designed to amplify the knowledge acquired in Seminar Level 1 (Certification Training) and enhance CLI Practitioners' (CLI-CPs) skills in implementing the Connective Leadership Development Program (CLDP).

Seminar Level 2 Flyer
ATS Flyer Jan. 2015